I have begun to work on .NET/C# projects at work and am attempting to retain my Linux desktop. My development IDE is Mono Develop which works great (except with sharepoint.dll). The next step was integrating with Visual Source Safe 2005 which is what we use for our .NET project repository. Maybe one day we can switch to SVN. Until then I can use Wine.

These are the steps I took to get Visual Source Safe 2005 running in Wine 1.1.9:

  1. Get the lastest wine (1.1.9)
  2. Change wine to run in windows2000 mode
    $ winecfg
    This was recommended on several forums, I didn't try in XP mode.
  3. Install .NET 1.1 in Wine. Download from Microsoft and install
  4. Install .NET 2.0 in Wine.Download from Microsoft and install. For some reason, when I installed .NET 2.0 it seemed to hang on "initializing installation" but it appeared as an installed requirement in the VSS2005 install.
  5. Install missing MFC42.dll. I got it from www.dlldump.com. Without this, Visual Source Safe thinks a trial version is already installed.
  6. Install Visual Source Safe 2005

[Optional steps to mount a samba share for network databases.]

  1. Mount your Source Safe Database directory. My mount command looked like this:
    $ sudo mount -t cifs -o credentials=/home/steven/.smbmount-cred //services/p-drive /mnt/services/
  2. Create symbolic link from within the wine file system to your omount point. Or you could mount directly to the wine drive folder.
    $ ln -s /mnt/service/ /home/steven/.wine/drive-c/services
  3. Run Visual Studio and add your source database.

And that's it! At least it was for me. As I am sure you are aware, installations usually vary from one Linux install to the next.

Good Luck!