• I need to develop in Visual Studio. (Don't ask why)
  • I am running Linux. (Ubuntu 8.04)
  • Visual Studio is difficult if impossible to install in Wine.

Solution: install Visual Studio on a Windows XP virtual machine.

  1. Install VirtualBox
    sudo apt-get install virtualbox
    sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-modules-[kernel name]
    - Be sure to get the right kernel module. I picked the wrong one and broke my Nvidia driver.
  2. Install Windows XP in virtual box
    - Set your drive size larger than 4G as Visual Studio takes 2.7G for the default install
  3. Install VisualStudio
    - Copy the install files to your harddrive first (if installing from dvd). Otherwise you will be prompted to insert a disc which you can't. They will all need to be in the same directory. ie Copy disk2/ contents to disk1/ but don't overwrite any files.

There you have it. Windows inside of Linux upon which is installed Visual Studio. I may try the Wine approach again sometime, but for now this will do.