24 March 2008
We are now in London, nearing the end of our whirlwind UK tour. Tomorrow we venture out to do some sightseeing. We just have to pick our sights, cause we can't see them all. Jeff and Sarah graciously drove us into Heathrow and we took the Tube into London. It will take a while to sort through the pictures and get them online, so be patient.
19 February 2008

Our tentative Europe traveling plans.

06 February 2008

We are booked to go to England! This was kind of last minute. We had initially planned to buy tickets before Christmas, but due to certain circumstances we decided to wait. Then just recently, we were able to find babysitters for Abby so we could go. Thankfully, there were still tickets available that weren't super expensive, although, more than they had been in December.

Now we need to figure out where to go and what to do. We would like to venture to at least one other country while we're out. Other than that, all I've got is to visit some castles. I've always wanted to see a castle. And beer sampling! Julene would like to see a show of some sort in London.

Does anybody have any more ideas?