DIY Lightbox
01 September 2011

I've been meaning for a while to try and make a photography lightbox and finally got around to it. I found some white plastic in the basement I used for building the box, simply duct-taping them together.

Here are a couple shots. I need to get a couple more lights to brighten it up a bit. I'm also thinking of building a flash diffuser.

25 February 2008

After seeing one of these across the street and snapping a picture. I've decided to start a Stuff I see Around Town gallery.

Have a look.

Fine, here
01 February 2008

As requested, I posted some pictures of Abby to the gallery. Also, check out pictures from Christmas, as there are some gooders in there.

Other than that, I'm just working. Nothing new going on. I bought some x-country skis....
Need to get some boots though, so they're useless to me until then.