08 September 2011

Finally got Dan's motorcycle back together with new sprockets and chain. The front one definitely was due for replacement.

Note the bent teeth.

Motorcycle Photoshoot
04 August 2009

This weekend Julene and I together with Dan and Christina took our bikes out to Cochrane for ice-cream and a pint. It was a gorgeous day for riding. This was Julene's first time on a bike since Abby was born and she did great though being nervous. We stopped at Big Hill Springs Provinical Park to take some pictures of us on the bikes. I negleted to dress for the pictures so forgive the green T-shirt. Christina and Dan had a lot of fun directing and snapping pictures.

Hopefully we can get another ride like this in before the end of the season.

21 June 2009

Dan came over to help with my Triumph diagnosis this weekend and I think we figured it out that it might be the regulator. Some more testing may be done, or I'll just order a replacement. They're only about $50 USD so that's not as crazy expensive as I thought it might be

I decided that I'll put the bike back together and ride it until I get it fixed. I can't just let it sit there. As long as I charge the battery in between short rides it should be ok.

17 June 2009

I am a bit disappointed in the Triumph. It turns out that it isn't charging and it's fouling plugs very quickly. Tonight I hope to finally have time to take a look at the charging issue. I didn't want to have to do any work on the bike - just ride. At least not have to do anything in order for it to be road worthy. I guess that is always a risk when buying used, especially 36 years used.

Wish me luck.