31 December 2007

The holidays are nearing their end. I am ok with that. It will be nice to get back to routine. But I am very much looking forward to our visit to Manitoba this coming weekend. My family hasn't seen us (read: Abby) for 7 or so months. We send pictures but it's not the same. It's always nice to spend some days hanging out on the farm. The atmosphere is so different than Calgary. It is tempting (for me at least) sometimes to trade our house on our tiny lot for a nice big acreage out there - with money to spare. I'll have to start up my own contracting company and work remotely. Some day...

This past weekend I got to single parent Abby while Julene went to help her parents paint their new house. Abby was really good to me, but I am thankful to have a helpmate. Raising a child is not a job for one person - my hat off to those that do.

Thanks again to Jeff for his relentless QAing. He found an ampersand issue with my RSS feed. I will have to be careful when adding links in posts to format them correctly.