DIY Lightbox
01 September 2011

I've been meaning for a while to try and make a photography lightbox and finally got around to it. I found some white plastic in the basement I used for building the box, simply duct-taping them together.

Here are a couple shots. I need to get a couple more lights to brighten it up a bit. I'm also thinking of building a flash diffuser.

Laptop cooling
02 October 2008

I finished my DIY laptop cooling device. I added telescoping rods to keep everything together and provide an adjustable platform.

What do you think?

Laptop cooling
25 September 2008

I have always been a fan of DIY projects, but never so good at carrying them out to fruition. Well, here is one that I have indeed managed to see through to at least the proof of concept.

I have always complained about my HP Pavilion's noisy CPU fan. So in an effort to keep my laptop cooler with less interference from the CPU fan I build my own laptop cooler. The use of hoses was inspired by another DIY laptop stand I had seen on the net. Add 2 Princess Auto 5v fans, a USB cable and minimal solder and you get this:

I intend to tidy up the wires a bit and maybe attach the 2 hoses with telescoping rods for maximum adjustability and in an effort to keep everything together. The fans are not the quietest either, so there is the option of switching to 12v fans and since they will be underpowered they would spin slower. But at least it seems to work somewhat.