Camping 07/2011
19 July 2011

Our family Montana camping trip was a success! We traveled to Swan Lake, Montana and spent a week camping with Julene's family. Activities included:

  • tubing on the lake
  • cooking over an open fire
  • smores
  • dealing with bug bites
  • waterslides
  • hiking
  • shopping

I really enjoyed cooking over the fire. We made pancakes, bacon, potatoes, steak, pies (with pie irons) popcorn and of course, smores.

Just before we left, we bought a 1980 Bonair tent trailer which proved to be water tight, spacious (compared to a tent) and had a working fridge. It definitely helped with the kids' sleep and allowed us to store a few essentials like milk.

Joel and Abby did really well on the trip there and back which totaled about 8 hours of driving. Unfortunately, our Jeep and trailer was a couple feet too long for the Going to the Sun Road but at least that meant the alternate route was mostly empty and easy driving.

We now have 2 weeks at home before we try the ultimate drive to Manitoba. That drive will be partially split up. We'll hit Bow Island first, and then do the remaining 12 hours the next day, starting later in the morning so the kids can have afternoon naps and sleep part of the night while driving.

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