Sod Laying Party
13 June 2011

Here is a timelapse video of the sod/birthday party yesterday. I took this with my Samsung Galaxy S phone from Abby's bedroom window. The yard was mess, having rained all of Saturday so we were in the mud with our barefeet doing the best we could. The plan is to roll it a lot over the next week to try and get it as smooth as possible

A big thanks to all the guys who came out and helped, it made everything go so much faster and smoother!

I thought I would add how I created the timelapse. I used TinaLapse for Android on my Samsung Galaxy S to take the pictures at a set interval. Afterwards, I copied the pictures to my laptop (running Ubuntu) and used ffmpeg to convert the series of images to a video using the following command:
ffmpeg -r 10 -b 1800 -i tt_img_%05d.jpg video.mp4

I played with the -r and -b values a bit to get the best result.

07 June 2008

Tomorrow I'm 30 and I've gotten over it. People seem to make a big deal of this number. Pointing out that I'm no longer in my twenties as if the twenties are the prime of life. But I think the 30s will prove to be good years.

I'll let you young'uns know what it's like.