I want to switch accounts on my Galaxy Note 10.1, so my wife can use it on a trip she's taking, but I want to re-install the same apps. Since it's not rooted at the moment, I have to reset to factory defaults to switch Google accounts which would erase everything I have installed

In order to restore my installed apps and data after resetting, I'm using ADB (Android Debug Bridge) to backup my device. The backup command looks like this: adb backup -apk -shared -all -f galaxynote.ab For this particular device, if I didn't enter a password it would create an empty backup file.

Once this is done, I can reset the tablet and then run: adb restore galaxynote.ab And my apps are back but using a different Google account.

My plan is to eventually flash the Note 10.1 with Android 4.2 so we can have multi-users but that will have to wait for another day.

Android Development
09 March 2012

I've been out of the Android development game for some time now. A little over a year, if I check the commit log on my projects. A friend's recent foray into this world encouraged me to look at refreshing my apps.

I have an app called WebsiteMonitor. The idea is that it polls a list of URLs and alerts you when any of them return a response code other than 200 (ok). This was inspired by my former job where I needed to make sure webservices were up and running at all times.

It had some serious limitations. First off, it was developed for Android 1.5. Second, it was using a widget to periodically poll, where the minimum refresh time is 1 hour, and doesn't alert you when your phone is sleeping. My current rating isn't the greatest, but what can you expect if I can't spend a lot of time on it, and it's pretty stale.

Well now the Android development landscape has changed significantly. The community appears to be way more active that it was a year ago with many more helpful tutorials and advice than there were when I first started. In pretty short order I was able to add quite a few features:

  • configurations
  • custom ringtone
  • enable notifications (persistent if you want)
  • a polling service so it runs while your phone is idle
  • less false negatives. This remains to be verified, but I think it's better

I haven't published it yet since I'm waiting for it to cook a while on my phone and a friend's. If it does ok over the next few days the plan is to put it up for download shortly. In the meantime, you can help test it or download the old version.

Next Android App?
03 February 2011

I've been tossing around ideas for another Android app for a while. Since I've recently started working as a MySQL DBA at iStockphoto, I decided it would be cool to make a MySQL monitoring app. Now, we already have MySQL Enterprise Monitor, so I thought maybe there would be an API to use, but all of my Google searches have turned up naught.

The ideal would be to do a GET on a simple URL which provides a JSON object which my App would consume and do stuff with. I'll keep digging and see if I can come up with anything. If any MySQL people come across this post, feel free to give input.

Website Monitor
13 October 2010

A month later, and my Website Monitor Android app is published and gone through a few iterations. I must admit that it's fun to watch the download numbers climb and the ratings come in. The Website Monitor has just passed 50 downloads, but I don't expect it to become very popular as it's a tool directed specifically at webmasters. My Binary Time widget has seen moderate success with 350+ downloads. October 10, 2010 saw a surge due to the date being binary day (10.10.10). I hadn't planned for this but the release was timely. 

I'm now toying with extending the Website Monitor to a paid version called Server Monitor with the addition of monitoring other ports as well as allowing server admins to write custom scripts to report failures or any other conditions they would want to be alerted about. I would also make the application more configurable as right now there are no customizations.

I'm really enjoying Android development; however, it is hard to squeeze time in between my regular job, being a dad and husband. With our move coming up shortly, I expect I will have even less time until we get settled in. That said, if anyone has any ideas for applications they want to see on their Android phone, let me know!