bachelorhood and balljoints
23 November 2007

I have been on my own for the past week. Julene and Abby are at my inlaws. It feels weird being on my own. I like coming home to a wife and child and it feels weird to open the door and be greeted by silence.

On the vehicle front:
The Corolla is needing some maintenance. I replaced the rotors this week because they were warped. Tonight is the passenger side ball joint. This is a new procedure for me. I haven't replaced a ball joint before. From the looks of it though, it appears to be relatively straight forward. Christopher volunteered to come down and lend a hand if I need it - which will be nice. Sometimes all you need is one more hand or set of eyes.

I am once again very thankful for having my own garage to do these repairs on my own. I can imagine the labour cost would be somewhere around $250.

The !PHP project has passed the pilot stage. We are now waiting for confirmation that the quote we gave them will fit in their 2008 budget. I have been working on it during "down time" at work and I'm enjoying it. I have completed a device discovery web utility which is something the open source solution didn't have. The next step is to finish the monitoring daemon.

That said, it's time to get to work.